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Terms of use ligaries.gr

Terms of Use: The visitor / user of the pages and services of the website https://ligaries.gr must carefully read the “Terms of Use”, the “Privacy & Cookies Policy” and the conditions of service that follows, before visiting or using our pages and services and in case of disagreement must not use them. Otherwise, it is presumed that he accepts them unconditionally and gives his consent.

The following terms of use apply to all content and to what is generally included in the pages of the website https://ligaries.gr. The company “LIGARIES”, from now on referred like “Company”, may at any time modify the terms of use and the conditions, and users / visitors must check each time for possible changes and if they continue to use it, it is assumed that they unconditionally accept the modified conditions and conditions. Otherwise, they must refrain from using/visiting our website.

1. Website Services Provided

    The present website has been created by the company “LIGARIES” in order to provide immediate information about its products and services, utilizing social networking service applications . The present terms of operation and use of the website https://ligaries.gr constitute binding rules, which the “company” observes and enforces when providing the following information society services to users. The present conditions are fully compatible with the current European and Greek law and the non-compliance of the users of the website or third parties to them implies the removal of all responsibility of the company in relation to any affected natural or legal persons, while the users expressly acknowledge the right of the company to change the provisions of these terms, insofar as they do not concern binding legal obligations.

    2. Contact

      Website visitors have the option to contact the company by email, by phone or via social media.

      3. Information society service provider

        The company is a provider of information society services provided through the Internet Domain Name and the website https://ligaries.gr. This property is subject to the terms of use of other information society service providers, such as for example the social networking service applications used by the Website, which are governed by the respective terms of use of these companies. Regarding the content that the users of the Internet site influence, using applications of other companies (such as the “Like” application of facebook.com), the operator is not responsible for general and preventive surveillance, because it is not the starting point of the transmission, does not select the recipient and does not select or modify the information provided and does not have a general obligation to control the services it transmits or stores, nor a general obligation to actively search for facts or circumstances regarding any illegal activities. The organization has set up specific procedures for reporting illegal actions that could be taken through the website (intellectual property, personal data, offensive content) and undertakes to strictly adhere to these procedures, ensuring the website’s compliance with current legislation.

        As part of the obligation to provide general information, the Agency informs:


        B. The geographic location of the organization is Kini, P.O. 84100, Syros, Greece.

        C. The contact details are: ligaries@otenet.gr, 6986115567

        D. D.O.Y. SYROU

        4. Filing Complaints

          For any case where the consumer was not satisfied with the services, he has the right, within ten (10) days from the presentation of the problem, to submit a complaint to the company. The consumer’s complaint will be examined. When examining the complaint, the company reserves the right to contact the customer to clarify the circumstances that created the reported problem. In this case, the customer should facilitate by providing the relevant information to resolve the issue. For any case concerning the operation of the online store, the user, accepting the present terms of use, has the obligation to follow the procedure for submitting a complaint before possibly choosing to initiate legal procedures, which in such a case will be considered abusive and rejected.

          5. Use and protection of personal data

          The company processes only the personal data necessary to provide the services of the website. This is the data that the visitors themselves have when they fill out any of the forms on the website, proceeding to knowingly enter the information that is not transmitted or shared with third parties, unless the procedure defined by the legislation for the removal of privacy is followed. Any processing of its personal data is carried out exclusively and only by persons who are under the control of the company. To carry out the processing, the company has selected persons with corresponding professional qualifications who provide sufficient guarantees in terms of technical knowledge and personal integrity for the observance of confidentiality.

          6. Intellectual Property

          The distinctive titles, trademarks and domain names on which the website is posted are the property of the company. The company reserves the right to initiate civil, administrative, criminal and all kinds of legal actions against any violator of the relevant conditions concerning the use of its above assets.

          The set of graphics, programs, texts, icons as well as the layout of the entire website is an asset of the company. The company reserves the right to initiate civil, administrative and criminal legal actions against any violator of the relevant conditions concerning the use of its above assets.

          The company is a “database manufacturer”. In this context, the extraction and/or reuse of all or a substantial part of the content of the database is prohibited, regardless of the protection of the database according to the general provisions on intellectual property. It is also prohibited to repeatedly and systematically extract and/or reuse essential parts of the content of the database that affects its normal exploitation by the company. The company reserves the right to initiate civil, administrative and criminal proceedings against any violator of the relevant terms concerning its special right to the database.

          7. Comment Policy

          Users and commenters should respect:

          A. minors, the elderly, persons with disabilities and health problems, as long as these qualities are known to the commenter.

          B. the reputation of the business, avoiding the dissemination of claims that do not correspond to reality or comments that are not based on facts.

          C. the rules of fair competition, which does not allow the website to post disparaging comments about other businesses or companies or even comparing the company’s products and services with other companies.

          D. the presumption of innocence, that is, the non-guilt before someone is irrevocably convicted of an offense punishable by law.

          In the event that a person or entity considers that it is affected by a comment made by a visitor to the website, it must notify the company by following the complaint submission procedure. The company will examine the complaint and undertakes to immediately withdraw any case of offensive content. Only if the affected visitor of the website has not followed the above procedure and his rights have not been satisfied, he has the right to claim them by initiating legal procedures, otherwise this will be considered abusive and rejected.

          8. Advice

          Any information provided to users/visitors through our website does not in any way, directly or indirectly, constitute an inducement, advice or prompt to carry out any act but it is up to the discretion of the users/visitors to evaluate the information provided to them and to act based on their private will, excluding any liability on our part.

          9. Applicable Law

          For any dispute arising from the use of the services or for any other reason for disagreement between the user and the company, Greek law is applicable and the courts of Syros are competent. In the event that a dispute arises regarding the present terms of use, between a user and the company, the user is obliged, before initiating any legal action, to contact the company within 10 days of the occurrence of the relevant events. Failure to comply with this term constitutes a breach of a material contractual term entered into between the user and the business. The original text in the Greek language is the original text of these terms of use and operating regulations.